Buttock augmentation without surgery

Over time, our body loses its ability to generate collagen and this affects the firmness of our skin, including that of the buttocks. Until very recently, the only way to achieve a firm and lifted buttock was through surgery, but today we have innovative and effective non-invasive treatments that achieve the desired result.

The non-surgical buttock lift is achieved through a treatment that stimulates collagen in the buttocks to improve the sagging of the buttocks and generate natural tension in the skin of the area.

At Clínica Bajo we have collagen inducers that allow the restoration of aesthetic volume. In addition, they represent a promising alternative to correct irregularities without surgery, which have the following advantages:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimally invasive treatment, which does not require general anaesthesia, only local anaesthesia.
  • Very short recovery periods, no downtime is required.
  • Quick and painless treatment

This treatment is ideal for people with sagging or flat buttocks, as it increases their size but also lifts their curve in a subtle and natural way.

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