Spot removal

Skin blemishes are discolouration alterations that occur due to a poor distribution of melanin in the skin, a pigment that makes our skin darker to protect us from the sun’s rays.

The accumulation of melanin in certain areas causes the spots. The causes of this abnormal distribution are diverse: the sun is the number one cause and it is aggravated by hormonal causes, taking certain medications, wounds or acne marks exposed to the sun.


The most effective treatments to combat blemishes are peelings. There are various types of peeling (chemical peeling, medical peeling, laser peeling, etc.). Depending on each patient in our Aesthetic Medicine centre in Tenerife we will choose the most suitable one. If led phototherapy is added to this, the results will be faster and more effective.

Peeling is an exfoliation technique that consists of applying a chemical substance on the skin to obtain a limited and controlled desquamation of the epidermis and/or dermis and to induce the regeneration of the skin by stimulating the adjacent layers.

Peels are classified according to their depth: superficial, medium and deep.

What results are expected from a peeling?

      • Facial rejuvenation.

      • A more uniform skin.

      • Lightening of blemishes.

      • Improvement of fine lines.

      • Improvement of acne marks.


Dermapen is a fractionated multi-needle device used to tighten, tighten and rejuvenate the skin. It reduces fine lines, evens skin tone and refines pores, stretch marks, etc. combined with solutions containing active products.

The depth of the needles of the device can be adjusted during treatment to suit different areas of the face, neck or neckline. The vertical movement of the device minimises the side effects of the Roller. These microneedles create micro-perforations in the skin, which transport topically applied products such as vitamins or growth factors, increasing their efficacy.

Several sessions are necessary, with evident improvement being observed from the 3rd session onwards.

There is never any bruising, only a reddening that does not interfere with social life.

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