Facial bioremodelling

Bioremodelling is an anti-ageing treatment, especially designed to treat the laxity of the skin on our face.

With this method we obtain two main effects thanks to its composition:

  • Bioregenerating action: The result of a balanced concentration of the low molecular weight of hyaluronic acid that stimulates its endogenous production.
  • Tightening effect: The result of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that counteracts skin laxity while reshaping the face.

The duration of each treatment session does not exceed five minutes. The recommended number of sessions varies from client to client. The second session should be performed one month after the first, and the third two months later.

We invite you to contact the Clínica Bajo to find out more about this treatment and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


  • Biomodelling is an innovative approach to anti-ageing treatments, which acts directly on the cutaneous laxity of the malar and submalar areas.

  • Bioremodelling with immediate tightening effect, a new ally against ageing, which nourishes the cells of the dermis and recovers the firmness of the skin, with a prolonged duration.


It is a Class III medical device, available in sterile pre-filled syringes of 2 ml.

Hyaluronic Acid: Mixture of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid 32 mg (110-1400kDa) and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 32 mg (80-100kDa).

  • Injection site: Deep dermis
  • Needle: 2 x 29 G TW
  • hydroACTION: +++++
  • hydroLIFT: +++
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