Aesthetic Body Treatments

Minimally invasive treatments for the elimination of cellulite and localised fat.

Body mesotherapy

An aesthetic medicine treatment that stimulates local metabolism, effectively and painlessly reducing cellulite and eliminating localised fat in certain areas.

Tensor threads

Suitable for patients who want to tighten the skin and firm sagging areas.

Body biostimulators

An innovative treatment based on poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) that stimulates the production of collagen, achieving effective and long-lasting results.

Hand rejuvenation

Achieve smooth, cared for and younger looking hands thanks to our treatment.


The solution to combat localised fat. Minimally invasive, applied to the affected area.

The Prostolane revolution

Composed of time-released peptides and hyaluronic acid especially for the removal of submental fat.

Buttock augmentation without surgery

The non-surgical buttock lift is achieved through a treatment that stimulates collagen in the buttocks to improve the sagging of the buttocks and generate natural tension in the skin in the area.

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