Radiofrequency is a set of electromagnetic waves which, when applied to the skin, cause heat. This stimulates the fibroblasts to generate collagen and regenerate the connective tissue. It also stimulates the circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

In the short term, a flash tightening effect is observed that lasts 48 hours. In the long term, a redensification of the tissue is observed, which will be accentuated with each session. The restructuring of the collagen favours the formation of new fibres that replace the aged ones, providing greater elasticity and smoother skin, which translates into a reduction of wrinkles and flaccidity.

In our Aesthetic Medicine centre in Tenerife we apply this treatment to improve skin laxity, designed for those who require a regeneration of new collagen fibres to smooth and firm areas of the body and face.

As the number of sessions increases, better results are seen and the treated area becomes more toned.

It is an outpatient aesthetic treatment, safe, non-invasive and does not require anaesthesia.

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