Rejuvenation of the eyes

Our eyes are the mirror of our face. Our eyes and eyelids are the part of the face that is most affected by the passage of time.

The changes in the bone structures, the displacement of the fat compartments and the loss of turgidity and elasticity of the skin mean that from the age of 35 onwards the first signs of ageing begin to appear.

Here we will give you an overview of the most advanced techniques to rejuvenate the eyes in a non-surgical way.

To compensate for the lack of volume under the eyes, hyaluronic acid injections are the first treatment.

This creates a smooth transition between the cheekbone and the furrow under the eyes and restores the volume lost over the years.

-Crow’s feet. The combination of anti-wrinkle muscle relaxant and vitamins blurs the wrinkles in this area and creates a more relaxed and rested look.

-Droopy eyebrow tail. Foxy Eyes are in fashion. This technique consists of creating elevation of the tail of the eyebrow by means of tensor threads and creating that much desired feline look.

-Dark under-eye circles. The lightening of dark circles is achieved with depigmenting peelings and oxygenation of the skin. The combination of laser, carboxytherapy and peelings completes the list of the most effective treatments for dark circles under the eyes.

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