At Clínica Bajo we are specialists in dental implants in Tenerife. Dental implants are artificial roots that are implanted and integrated into the jawbone to replace a missing tooth. The main advantages of dental implants are that they are fixed, last for many years and restore chewing function and aesthetics.

The dental implant is made up of two parts: the titanium screw and the dental crown or bridge, with which we achieve a natural appearance.

In our dental clinic we use different protocols when placing implants:

Standard protocol

The standard protocol is used in patients with limited bone availability and/or poor bone quality. Implants are placed and after three months the definitive prostheses are fitted, thus requiring two surgeries.

Early loading protocol – One-day implants

In most cases, and thanks to the introduction of new technologies, we can perform tooth extraction, implant placement and tooth placement on the same day in a single surgical procedure.

This means that on the same day the patient undergoes implant surgery and leaves with fixed teeth on the implants without waiting for the implant to bond to the bone. For immediate implants to be placed, the patient must have good bone availability and good gum health.

Immediate loading is the latest development in the field of implantology. In the past, the patient usually left the clinic with a removable prosthesis. Now the patient leaves the surgery with new teeth with optimal aesthetic and functional results and immediate recovery.

Surgery without incisions or stitches

With the new tomographic and computer systems we can programme surgery through the gum without the use of a scalpel, which means implant surgery without having to open the gum or place stitches or sutures. In favourable cases, fixed teeth can also be placed on the implants on the same day without waiting for the osseointegration time of the implants.

All these procedures are performed using microsurgical instruments with the aid of a state-of-the-art microscope, thus reducing postoperative discomfort as they are minimally invasive surgeries.

Computer-guided microsurgery

Advances in technology have been significant in recent years and when applied to implantology they allow us to carry out safer and less invasive treatments for the patient, which translates into a higher rate of satisfaction by reducing post-operative complications.

At the Clínica Bajo we incorporate computer-guided microsurgery using images captured by the i-cat scanner. The i-cat is a specific maxillofacial scanner with 20 times less radiation than conventional scanners and is performed in an open environment, comfortably seated and without claustrophobic sensations.

With these new technologies, implant placement is programmed with great precision, eliminating errors and minimising risks.

In the past it was necessary to open the gum to access the bone; now, in many cases, the scalpel is dispensable. With computerised planning it is possible to produce a surgical template that will serve as a guide for direct access to the bone without incisions or stitches, which means an excellent post-operative period.

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