Body mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is an aesthetic medicine treatment that stimulates local metabolism, effectively and painlessly reducing cellulite and eliminating localised fat in certain areas.

It consists of injecting a mixture of firming, fat-reducing or diuretic substances intradermal, aimed at eliminating fat and improving the appearance of orange peel skin.

During the treatment it is advisable to follow a diet low in fats and carbohydrates of rapid absorption, avoid alcohol, activate the metabolism by exercising and drink 2 litres of liquid to help eliminate toxins and favour the elimination of fat.

The effects will be noticeable from the 4th session onwards. Its effectiveness is significantly increased if combined with other treatments such as radiofrequency, carboxitherapy and pressotherapy.

After the treatment, bruising may appear but will disappear in a few days. It is a technique that, when applied by specialists in Aesthetic Medicine, does not entail any risk.

It is contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women, in infectious processes, cancers or people with anticoagulant treatments.

Mesotherapy with Alidya

A prior assessment is necessary to adapt a personalised treatment to each patient. For mesotherapy at Clínica Bajo we use the product Alidya by Real Lasting. A revolutionary treatment that is becoming number 1 in injectable treatments. The results are visible from the 4th/5th session.

The treatment for cellulite must be multidisciplinary, the most effective treatments nowadays are mesotherapy combined with radiofrequency equipment, cavitation, carboxitherapy …. depending on the type of cellulite.

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