How does it work

1. Micro-needles

Radioage micro-needles, coated with gold, perform a gentle and controlled penetration into the tissue, potentially reducing discomfort during application. The micro-needles, measure less than 0.3 mm in thickness and contemplate different densities, guaranteeing a versatile treatment proposal for different indications and treatment areas.


2. Radiofrequency

When they reach the indicated depth for the treatment, the micro-needles then emit the radiofrequency energy, which is distributed in the target region in an intense and homogeneous form – either concentrated at the tip of the micro-needles or throughout the extension, depending, of course, on the type of treatment desired.


 3. Subdermal energy

The exclusive subdermal energy delivery system of Radioage is safe because it is possible to fully control the power and the exposure time during the application, which guarantees not only a much more effective treatment and with extended results, a much safer procedure and capable of being used on any type of skin, without absolute restriction.


 4. Cauterization

In addition to a very effective treatment, the use of radiofrequency energy acts as a kind of cauterization, which induces tissue hemostasis and minimizes bleeding, while maintaining the epidermis potentially intact.


5. Mesotherapy

After treatment with radiofrequency and microneedling, mesotherapy is applied topically. With the needles the pores open and allow the product to penetrate into the skin.


6. Post-treatment

Finally, a post-treatment mask is placed to nourish the skin. There is no recovery time and once completed you go back to your daily life.


Facial rejuvenation with Radioage Antiaging

Radioage Antiaging is the facial rejuvenation treatment that manages to restructure the dermis to avoid the loss of tone and elasticity, and combat advanced photoaging.

Three steps in a session to treat your facial rejuvenation: 45 microneedling. Radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

The aging of the skin begins around 25 years, increasing the sagging of the skin due to the loss of elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, spots, eye bags and dark circles. With Radioage Antiaging rejuvenates your skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the tissue.

Combat aging with Radioage Antiaging.

Treatment of face and body flaccidity with Radioage Flaccidity

Radioage Flaccidity is the treatment of skin flaccidity that prevents its atony, reinforcing and recovering firmness with radiofrequency and multipolar and multidirectional microneedling.

Three steps in a session to treat flaccidity in face and body: microneedling of 45. radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Flaccidity is the loss of firmness of the skin due to the decrease or weakness of supporting tissues, collagen and elastin. Its most frequent location is in the areas of the face (double chin and fall in mandibular angle or eyelids), on the inner side of the thighs, the inner side of the arms, the abdomen and the buttocks.

Combat the flaccidity of the skin on face and body, reinforcing and recovering firmness with Radioage Flaccidity

Treatment of scars and stretch marks with Stretch marks and scars

Radioage Stretch marks and scars is the treatment for stretch marks and scars that manages to restructure and regenerate scar tissue optimally with radiofrequency and multipolar and multidirectional microneedling.

Three steps in a session to treat flaccidity in face and body: microneedling of 14. radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Scars are marks that remain after the healing of a wound or injury. In some cases they may leave functional alterations, depending on the severity of the wound.
Stretch marks are atrophic lesions of the skin in a linear and whitish pearly color. When the stretch marks are young they tend to be violet red. They are scars of the connective tissue of the dermis.

With the treatment Radioage Stretch marks and scars manages to reduce with good results the stretch marks and scars on your skin.

Treatment of melasmas and dark spots on the face with Radioage Melasma

Radioage Melasma is the most advanced radiofrequency with multipolar and multidirectional microneedling treatment for melasma and dark spots on the face.

Three steps in a session to treat melasma and dark spots on the face: microneedling of 25. radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

Melasma is a skin pathology that consists of the appearance of dark brown spots (hypermelanosis) located and usually distributed in areas exposed to the sun (face).

The melasmas are presented in the form of irregular brown, gray or even bluish, asymptomatic spots, which are usually bilateral and symmetrical, affecting the face and neck most frequently.

Combat with Radioage Melasma spots and even dark circles and uneven skin tone, with unbeatable results.



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