It is possible that you have had white spots on your teeth or you have seen someone around you. The truth is that this type of stain is usually seen more often than we imagine, and although a priori we should not worry, it is important to know what causes it and consider how we can treat it.

Dental aesthetics treats the stains that can come out on the teeth due to some habits such as tobacco, or drinking coffee. However, those stains are usually brown and these that we are referring now are the opposite: white. Next, let’s see why these spots can come out and what we can do about it.

Main reasons for the appearance of white spots on the teeth

One of the reasons may be hypoplasia, which is the lack of mineralization of the enamel when the teeth are formed, either in the baby teeth or in the final ones. Other cases that are frequently seen are fluorosis, that is, the excess accumulation of fluoride in the enamel. We can see this in people who come from countries that do not have much control over water fluoridation.

Finally, the descalcification of the enamel can also be a reason for the appearance of these white spots. This is usually due to poor oral hygiene and this is the initial phase of a cavity. In this case, it is essential to do a professional cleaning and study the level of affectation.

If the stain is an aesthetic problem there is also a solution. We have many treatments that can be customized for each case. The use of composites or even dental veneers are usually the most used tools to achieve a homogeneous color in the teeth. However, as we have mentioned, at Clínica Bajo we always carry out a first study in order to be able to offer the best solutions to each of the patients.

Remember that daily cleaning is always the best way to prevent any oral complication. Regular check-ups will help you control and prevent.

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