Many people think that the time of year when it is most important to protect the skin is summer. And yes, the Sun is one of the principal enemies of skin health, but we must keep in mind that it does not disappear the rest of the seasons,in addition, other factors such as cold also influence . Actually the skin in winter is slightly drier and even more irritated as a result of the cold.

During this season, the skin usually needs more hydration and not only the face, but also the hands or even the lips. What should be aware of the skin in winter? At Clínica Bajo we answer this questions.

Protect the skin in winter with a proper routine

Hydration. Hydration should accompany us 365 days a year, no matter if it’s cold or hot. In addition, in winter we usually have drier skin, so it is interesting to reinforce the night routine with regenerating products like retinol . It is a very good period of the year for medical hydration treatments such us peelings , lasers ….

Cleaning. Removing impurities and dead cells will often help us to look better and to make the treatments and products we apply have more effect.

Sun protector. As we have said, it seems that we should only protect ourselves from the sun in summer and the truth is that it is necessary throughout the year.

Hand care. During this time of year it is more common for our hands to become dehydrated and even some irritations to appear. It is advisable, in addition to hydrating, to wear gloves on colder days, and you can also consult the professional treatments we have at Clínica Bajo specifically for the care and rejuvenation of hands.

Moisturizes the lips. The skin of the lips is really sensitive, so we must also take care of it. With the cold it can be affected, so we always need to carry a special lip moisturizer with us.

At Clínica Bajo we can help you protect your skin in winter and prepare it for the rest of the year. Ask us about all the treatments we have available.

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