Aesthetic medicine treatments help us achieve our goals, but if they are not based on a correct and constant maintenance of the skin on a daily basis, these treatments will be much less effective. We must be aware that the skin, especially of the face, is exposed, on a daily basis, to many external agents that affect it. That is why, in addition to cleaning, we must take into account the ‘CSA’, the perfect key to care at home.

Next we are going to explain what CSA consists of and why it is so beneficial for our skin, but first we must insist that it should go hand in hand with a good cleaning. In this way we make sure that the active ingredients we apply reach the skin and do not stay on the surface.

What is CSA and why is it so important?

CSA is the acronym that will help us remember the active ingredients we need at every moment of the day so that the skin of the face remains in perfect condition.

C refers to Vitamin C, S is the acronym for sunscreen (SPF) and A for Vitamin A, or retinol, which has so many benefits at night. In this way, we have a morning, day and night routine that provides us with everything we need for the proper maintenance of the skin.

What does each element bring us? Well, on the one hand, Vitamin C provides us with antioxidants and luminosity; sunscreen is essential but not only in summer, but 365 days a year, so we avoid premature aging and fearsome spots, for this, the ideal is SPF 50+ protection; finally, Vitamin A or retinol helps us regenerate the skin.

If you want to have a personalized care routine, at Clínica Bajo we can study your skin and recommend the best treatments to continue shining no matter how much time passes. We are waiting for you in the south of Tenerife.

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