Hands, in addition to being one of the tools we use the most to express ourselves and communicate, is one of the parts of the body that we have most exposed throughout our lives, along with our face. That is why over time they begin to undergo a process of deterioration: the skin loses elasticity and the spots that indicate that time passes begin to come out.

Many times it seems that aesthetic medicine treatments are focused on the face, but the truth is that at Clínica Bajo we have treatments that can be applied throughout the body, including the hands. We know that hand rejuvenation is one of the most desired treatments when we reach a certain age and that is why we have the best technology for it.

Say goodbye to hand stains thanks to the hand rejuvenation of Clínica Bajo

On the one hand, pulsed light treatment allows us to remove stains while stimulating the formation of elastin and collagen. This treatment is ideal for removing stains from the hands but we also have other options such as “Photodynamic Therapy” combined with specific hand peelings.

It must be taken into account that hand rejuvenation is not only about removing the stains from them, but we must also take into account the hydration of the skin to recover smoother and younger skin. Today there are many treatments that stimulate the production of collagen, which translates into a long-lasting and much more natural result. At Clínica Bajo we have the latest technology to remove stains from our hands and also with the best professional equipment. Contact us and we will study your specific case to recommend the best solution

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