Although it is not the most common occurrence, it is possible for a tooth to break due to trauma. This happens more frequently in children, as the simple fact of playing, jumping or running can cause them to fall out and affect the teeth. In any case, it is important that a professional assesses the situation, although if it is a baby tooth, the complication will be minimal.

But what happens when the tooth is not a baby tooth? What should we do if, for whatever reason, whether we are children or adults, a tooth breaks off? Well, going to the dentist as a matter of urgency will depend on the degree of seriousness of the injury, as it is not the same to lose a little enamel as to have the nerve of the tooth affected.

Broken tooth: different degrees of affectation

Enamel fracture. This is when a small part of the tooth is fractured, which generally only affects an aesthetic part. The usual procedure is to reconstruct the tooth to restore its shape.

Dentine fracture. In these cases, in addition to the enamel, the dentine has been affected and therefore we will feel sensitivity. In these cases, it is important to assess whether the nerve has been affected, otherwise the tooth will be reconstructed.

Dentine fracture with nerve involvement. If the nerve is affected, we will have to treat the canals of the tooth and then reconstruct the tooth.

Fracture through the root. In the most severe cases, if the fracture is of the root there is no possibility of recovering or reconstructing the tooth. It will have to be extracted and the placement of an implant will have to be assessed.

Each type of fracture will take more or less urgency, but at Clínica Bajo we recommend that any fracture is checked by a dentist who can really assess the severity of the fracture. Our team is available in the south of Tenerife, contact us!

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