Dental bone loss is one of the most complicated conditions that we can face when talking about oral health. Detecting it in time is essential to prevent it, which is why at Clínica Bajo we insist on the importance of regular check-ups.

Dental bone loss can occur for various reasons, and knowing them will help us to be more alert to what may be happening in our mouth. Let’s get down to it.

The most common causes of dental bone loss are

Chronic periodontitis. As we have mentioned many times, periodontitis can result, if not treated in time, in the loss of teeth and bone. In this case, it is because bacteria gradually destroy the alveolar bone.

Lack of tooth replacement. If a tooth is not replaced, the bone deteriorates. The explanation for this is that the maxillary bones are preserved by pressure and the stimulus of chewing, so when there is no tooth, the bone is reabsorbed. So much so that up to 25% of bone is lost within a year of tooth extraction if the tooth is not replaced.

Misaligned teeth. When the positioning of the teeth causes us to have an incorrect bite, something similar happens to when we lose a tooth: the stimulus necessary for the maintenance of the bone is lost.

Infections and tumours. Infections that affect bone level or different tumours could also affect us, although they are less frequent causes.

Preventing bone loss

To prevent bone loss, we must be aware of the risk factors and act quickly when we have any complications. Periodontitis is an advanced disease, and it is essential to detect it in order to carry out treatment to prevent bone loss. In the same way, it is important to replace the teeth that are lost, for whatever reason.

At Clínica Bajo we know that each person has special characteristics, which is why our priority is always to offer a personalised treatment, knowing in depth the causes of your complication. Do you need more advice? We are waiting for you with the best professional team in the south of Tenerife.

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